Each year clubs must complete CSI's Annual Renewal Process to remain active for the upcoming school year. This year renewal is in 3 Phases: Re-Register, Onboard, and Engage.  

Re-Register Your Club on Engage By August 7th!

Any student organization that does not complete Phase 1: Re-Registration is no longer active as of Friday, August 7th.


  • Login to Engage using your AU credentials 

  • Find the square box in the top right-hand corner and click “Manage”

  • Choose your organization and click “Re-Register this Organization”

  • Complete the following:

    1. Review the following Web tutorials:

      1. Introduction to ENGAGE

      2. Building and Managing Your Organization's Roster

    2. Confirm or Update the following information:

      1. Club Constitution

      2. Club logo/image

      3. Club email and Student Primary Contact

      4. Club Executive Board with required positions to the roster (using @american.edu address)

        1. President

        2. Treasurer

        3. 25live Space Requester

        4. ***New Member Educator (FSL & Professional Greek-lettered chapters)

      5. Add and/or Confirm Club Faculty/Staff Advisor to the roster

Check out this tutorial if you need help!

Complete the On-Boarding Trainings

To prepare you for the virtual semester, clubs are required to attend 2 trainings. Please have 3 members from your group attend one session. Go to Engage to RSVP!

E-Board Essentials:

Tuesday, Aug 10th 2p-3:30p or 6p-7:30p

Virtual Involvement: 

Thursday, Aug 12th 2p-3:30p or 6p-7:30p

AUCC Training: 

Tuesday, Aug 18th 6p-7:30p 

Wednesday, Aug 19th 12p-1:30p

CSI Finance Training:

Friday, Aug 21st 2p-3:30p or 6p-7:30p

Monday, Aug 24th 6p-7:30p

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Participate in Engagement Events

Registration for the Virtual Involvement Fair is LIVE! This year's fair will be hosted on Engage. We hope to see organizations under AUCC there! For information of about registering, view this document!

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