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AUCC is currently hiring for the Spring 2024 semester for the positions of Club Consultant (2) and Outreach and Marketing Director (1).




  • Sets AUCC goals and objectives and facilitates operations. 

  • Create and facilitate a regular schedule of programming sponsored by the AUCC.

  • Hold a minimum of 10 in-office hours per week. 

  • Provides oversight to the 8-member AUCC team and serves as overall administrator of the assigned AUCC office space.

  • Act as the spokesperson of the AUCC as well as attend meetings that involve AUCC.


Financial Director

  • Primary financial director to the entire financial operations of AUCC.

  • Reviews and evaluates all club budget requests. 

  • Serves as liaison to the CSI Finance Team for clubs. 

  • Maintains accurate financial records for AUCC and ensures there is a balanced budget.

  • Hold a minimum of 10 in-office hours per week. 

  • Complete all funds transfers for recognized organizations and manage all reconciliation and recall transactions for each allocation cycle. 

  • Assists the Chair to provide oversight to the Club Consultants.

Club Consultant-Total of 5 Positions*

  • Serves as the primary AUCC contact for the clubs in their caucus. 

  • Reviews budget requests from all clubs in their caucus, and communicates any pressing issues or concerns. 

  • Provides customer service for AUCC, including assistance with office resources, information about funding, advice on event planning/marketing/outreach, and any other general concerns. 

  • Hold a minimum of 10 in-office hours per week.

Outreach and Marketing Director

  • Responsible for planning, coordinating, and performing a variety of marketing and outreach activities to promote interest in club activities and club council operations!

  • Creating a marketing plan to promote clubs and club council operations.

  • Promote all club council trainings, meetings, and events.

  • Creation of content for social media accounts and websites.

  • Posting and engaging with AU students and community. 

  • Hold a minimum of 5 in-office hours and 5 virtual work hours per week.


All applicants for AUCC positions must: 

  1. Be a currently enrolled full-time student of American University 

  2. Be in Good Academic Standing (GPA of 2.5+) with the University

  3. Be in Good Standing with University

  4. Be able to commit to 10 hours of in-office support work for the full semester 

  5. Cannot study abroad for the semester in which you were hired

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