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Sometimes events are too large for any one club to handle. That is why AUCC clubs have an opportunity to co-sponsor with one another, student media and student governance groups (Kennedy Political Union, Student Union Board, Women’s Initiative, Founders), academic departments, and campus partners (Career Center, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Center for Community Engagement and Service, etc.) to help foster a successful, inclusive, collaborative, and financially responsible community at American University.

What is Co-Sponsorship?

Co-sponsorship are commitments from organizations to partially handle the cost and management of the event, which may include marketing the event. Funds for financial co-sponsorship may come from the sponsoring organization itself (in the case of AUSG, Media board, or academic department sponsorship), or the funds may come from AUCC (in the case of clubs cosponsoring with other clubs). With co-sponsorships, there must be clear evidence of communication and teamwork between the two groups. 

Co-Sponsorship Process

To be eligible for co-sponsorship:

  • The host of the co-sponsored event must be a recognized CSI organization

    • You must have a Engage account

    • Co-sponsorship requests submitted on behalf of an unrecognized, nonmember groups will be disregarded

  • The program must be open to and inclusive of the whole AU community

  • One member from each co-sponsoring group must attend a meeting with the respective AUCC club’s club consultant


  • The organization responsible for the entirety of the event is the owner

  • That should be only one organization/club!

  • This is the complex event process CSI will follow

  • All participating student clubs should be in clubs should be included in all marketing

Budget Request Process:

Club and Governance Board or Department Co-Sponsorship

  • Only the club should submit a budget request for the items the club is contributing.


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