Please contact your club consultant prior to assist with STORAGE, PRINTING, AND PAPER SUPPLIES requests for the Fall 2021 semester.

STORAGE: Clubs may store their materials in the AUCC storage for one academic year. Clubs must apply for the use of the storage space each year through the AUCC Storage Form on Engage. If an organization does not apply, AUCC reserves the right to remove any/all unclaimed materials from the space.

PRINTING: Clubs may print materials and advertisement for free in the AUCC office. If the flyer is going to be hung up on campus it must be approved by University Center prior to printing. You can have your flyer reviewed and approved at

PAPER PRODUCTS: AUCC will provide paper plates, cups, bowls, and silverware for club events. Please send an email to at least 48hrs in advance in guarantee they will be available. If you will be needing a large quantity please request the items further in advance as some may need to be ordered.

MARKETING: AUCC is happy to help any organization with marketing their events and the organization as whole. Feel free to contact for more information.