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Center for Diversity and Inclusion:


The Center for Diversity & Inclusion welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor & publicize on-campus activities. There are two types of co-sponsorships available. At this time, we are not able to co-sponsor off-campus activities or individual pursuits. If you are considering application, please thoroughly read the descriptions below and on the first page of the co-sponsorship form check the type of request which best fits your needs. 



The Eagle Endowment:


While many student groups formulate thoughtfully developed ideas for public and community service,few actually have the funds to put them into action. The Eagle Endowment will address this challenge and empower AU students by providing over $5,000 in annual grants of $100 - $1000 to students and groups that propose such initiatives.



Student Government:


PEERS and STEP UP Training Grant 

Hello clubs! In an effort to help prevent sexual assault on our campus & communities, American University Student Government is giving $200 to clubs that have their full e-boards and at least 10 students (they don't have to be club members) attend one session of PEERS and one session of STEP UP. If your club is interested, please e-mail the SG Comptroller at to learn more. Please act fast as only 15 clubs can get the grant. It will be served on a first come, first serve basis. 


Travel Subsidy:


The Travel Subsidy supports student-organizations travelling to events, conferences, and competitions over 50 miles away


AUSG Co-sponsorship:


Academic Department Co-sponsorship:


Student organizations can seek cosponsorship through various academic departments. Events should have a specific academic focus related to the department. Please contact the Deans Offices of specific schools. 


Non-AU Resources:


National and Regional Organization Chapters 

Professional Associations and Societies 

Foreign Embassies 

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