Who is my Club Consultant?

Each recognized club is assigned a specific Club Consultant. Please check your emails at the beginning of the semester to see who your Club Consultant is. 

Where is the list of all the current clubs?

All recognized clubs can be found on Engage, CSI's club content management system. If you are an AU student, you can login with your AU ID and password. Click here to go to Engage.

I want to start a new club on campus. What is the process for that?

The Center for Student Involvement is responsible for the New Club Recognition Process. New Club Registration happens each semester. Click here for more information. For direct questions, reach out to the Center for Student Involvement at studentinvolvement@american.edu

We received funding from AUCC last semester but didn’t get to spend it. Can we spend it this year?

All funds allocated by AUCC were recalled back to AUCC. For information about our funding process this year, check out the 'Funding' section on this website.

Will my club be able to do in person events this semester?

Yes, all events will be in person as well as virtual this semester.

How do I submit a budget request?

There are a few resources at a club's disposal.

1. CSI's YouTube page contains many helpful videos about Engage.

2. Reach out to your Club Consultant. They will walk you through the process.

Will the AUCC office be open?

Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 10:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.  Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, AUCC will not be able to provide access to the storage room on Mondays (11:00 am-12:00 pm& 3:30-5 pm), Wednesdays (11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Will you still be offering printing, storage, and supplies?

Yes, you must contact your club consultant before hand to request printing, storage, and supplies. 

What is the difference between the revenue and allocation accounts?

While this is a question more suited for Center for Student Involvement, we do get it a lot. The easiest answer is that your revenue account holds funds that you earned by yourself (without AUCC help). Those funds can be used for may things, but you will still need to go through CSI to access them. Your allocation account holds the funds provided by AUCC. Those funds are restricted to only be used for the purposes originally stated in your budget request. Using allocation funds for any other reason than your initial request could result in no longer being able to access AUCC resources. You can view your financial account on Engage, under "Finances."