Meet the Team! 

Colin Colchamiro


Hi! My name is Colin Colchamiro and I am the Chair of AU Club Council. I am a junior, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communication. Before this role, I served as a Club Consultant for the Community Connections clubs on campus. I also currently serve as the AUSG Director of Founders Week and a Resident Assistant for first-year students. I'm excited to work with student leaders on campus as we program and provide for all students at AU!

Sofia Bazdekis-Ocasio 

Finance Director 

Hi! My name is Sofía Bazdekis-Ocasio and I am AUCC's Finance Director! I am a junior in SIS focusing on global inequity and foreign policy. This upcoming allocation season I'm looking forward to working closely with the e-boards of American's student organizations and getting used to campus labs!

Cory Myrtil 

Outreach Director & Club Consultant 

Hi! My name is Cory Myrtil and I am the Outreach Director & Club Consultant for AUCC. I am a Senior, majoring in International Studies and minoring in Sociology. Outside of AUCC, I am a Resident Assistant for second-year students. Additionally, this coming Spring I will be co-leading an Alternative Break trip to my home country of Haiti! I am looking forward to working with all the clubs and organizations on campus and can't wait to serve as a resource and foster community with all of the student leaders! 

Clifford Young

Office Manager & Club Consultant

Hi! My name is Clifford Young and I am the Office Manager & Club Consultant for AUCC. I am a junior, majoring in International Studies and double minoring in African American and African Diaspora Studies, and International Business! I am looking forward to meeting the student on campus and uplifting and supporting student organizations! 

Danielle Germain 

Club Consultant

Hi! My name is Danielle Germain and I am a Club Consultant for the Academic and Social Caucus in AUCC. I am a senior, majoring in American Studies and double minoring in Journalism and Political Science! I am looking forward to connecting with more clubs this year and building personal relationships. 

Tia Jackson 

Club Consultant

Hi! My name is Tia Jackson and I am a senior majoring in International Studies with a minor in Language and Area Studies. I serve as a Club Consultant to the Community Connections caucus in AUCC. A fun fact about me is that I am left-handed! 

Samuela Ansah 

Club Consultant Club Consultant

Hi! My name is Samuela Ansah and I am a junior majoring in Justice and Law from Richmond, Virginia. I am an RA, Vice President of Black Girls Vote and a Club Consultant for AUCC. I am excited to work with the diverse clubs at American University and supporting the impact they are making on this campus! 

Thalia Etienne 

Club Consultant Club Consultant

Hi! My name is Thalia Etienne and I'm a Junior studying Law and Society with a minor in Communications. I am excited to start this year working as a Club Consultant. Outside of AUCC,  I am a member and secretary of Les Couers D’Afrique, AU’s African Diasporic Dance Team, and well as Vice President of Caribbean Circle. Please do not hesitate to come in and say hello!

Allison Wiseman 

Graduate Assistant 

Hi! My name is Allison Wiseman and I am the Part-Time Graduate Assistant for AUCC. I am a Graduate Student in the Political Communication program. I am looking forward to helping the different organizations and clubs on campus have successful events and to help make sure the student body has fun at the events. 

Jordan Harris 

Coordinator for Student Involvement

Hi! My name is Jordan Harris and I am the Coordinator for Student Involvement in CSI. I directly advise AUCC and work with all the recognized undergraduate student clubs on campus. I am excited to be a support system for AU students as they are developing as leaders!

Contact us: (202) 885-1427 /   /  American University / Mary Graydon Center 274 

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