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How To Get Club Funding 

Align Event Format and Timelines

Decide what kind of virtual/in-person event you are having. View the event formats to help! Depending on which event format you are requesting funding for, the timelines will change based on your submission date to event date. 

Submit A Budget Request on Engage

After you curating your proposed event plans, you are ready to submit a budget request to AUCC! Budget Requests are located on Engage. Click the "View Tutorial" button to learn more about submitting a budget request. You will need a quote for any request. A quote is an image that proves the price of the items being requested. The most common quote is a screenshot of an online cart. Simply pretend that you are going to buy the items online and then screenshot the cart before the site asks for payment. Do not actually buy the items. AUCC does not reimburse under any circumstances.

Set Up Necessary Meetings

All complex events require a meeting with your AUCC Club Consultant. Off-campus traveling also requires a meeting with your CSI Advisor.

Wait for Budget Request Review

A decision and "Next Steps" email will be sent to your student organization email at your Club Consultant's earliest office hours. 

Follow the instructions in Next Steps Email

Depending on your event format and allocation decision, you will receive an email detailing the next steps for completing your event planning and purchase. If you have specific questions, reach out to your Club Consultant.

Quick Guide

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