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How Can I Use My Allocated Funds?

1. Request to complete a phone or online order 

If you can order your food or supplies through an online order or over the phone, we highly recommend this method. First, you will need to fill out the PDF attached here. Then, you will need to print out the PDF and bring it to the Student Activities desk. Student Activities will email you asking you to come into the office, where you can order your supplies online or over the phone. Your order will be delivered to the Student Activity front desk, where you can pick it up during normal business hours.

2. Request a payment card

We wish every request could be made online, but we are also realistic. We understand that some businesses still do not have an online presence. If this is the case, you can request a debit card from Student Activities by filling out the attached PDF here. The process is mostly the same, except you will be expected to pick up the debit card, make the purchase at a store, and return the debit card to Student Activities. 

3.  Request a check

This is the option for paying venues, artists, and speakers. While some performers and venues will accept online orders, not all will. If you need to provide a check to reserve a space or artist fill out the PDF here.

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