So you want to start a new club? Read some steps listed below on how to get started!


1. Turning your idea into reality

  • Discover the purpose and objective of your club

  • Find people who are interested in your group

  • Hold general club meetings

  • Create an E-Board

  • Find an advisor, this person can be a professor or an alumni

  • Email Center for Student Involvement notifying them that you want to become a recognized club on campus


2. What is AU looking for in clubs? Your club must follow this criteria in order to be considered by Student Activities:

  • Inclusive

  • Sustainable

  • Interest within the AU community (at least 8 members)

  • No overlap with another club on campus


3. Steps

  1. Write a constitution, sample constitutions can be found on the SA website

  2. Filling out a letter of intent, to let SA know what your club is about

  3. E-board members must attend Center for Student Involvement trainings. Large AUCC Orientation sessions for Fall 2019 have passed, but contact AUCC about having a smaller orientation on the following:

    1. New Organization Training

    2. Financial Training, Two E-Board members must attend one being the Treasurer

    3. 25 Live Training, bring a laptop

  4. Make a SON account and fill in all necessary information










Do all of these steps within the time parameters and your club could be recognized! Be sure to check with Center for Student Involvement Home Page!


More detailed information about these steps will be emailed to you when you notify Center for Student Invovlement that you want to create a new club on campus.  

Contact us: (202) 885-1427 /   /  American University / Mary Graydon Center 274 

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM