• All clubs are welcome to create and print from the designated Mac in the AUCC office

  • Club related materials only

  • If your material is being handed out, confirm the design with an AUCC Rep

  • If the material is being posted around campus, you MUST get it approved by Student Activites first (email your design to

  • Print ONE copy to verify proper layout and setting, then proceed to copy directly from the printer

  • Use your club ID to access the printer or ask an AUCC Rep for assistance

  • If you don't know your ID, an AUCC Rep can help you

  • IF YOU ARE PRINTING MORE THAN 75 PAGES, you MUST fill out our new printing form on Engage! If you do not, then you will NOT be able to print! 




  • Each club is limited to ONE storage bin in the AUCC office 

  • If your organization is in need of more storage, you may request access to long term

    storage for less frequently used materials

  • All student organizations must complete the AUCC storage request form and demonstrate knowledge of the items being stored

  • Food and beverages may not be stored in bins

  • Each organization must renew their storage agreement each semester

  • If storage is not renewed or items claimed at the end of the semester, all contents of

    bins will be turned over to AU Club Council to be reused or disposed of

  • There will be 3 room checks throughout the school year. If your club's space is unorganized or contain items that are not permitted, there will be consequences. 

Contact us: (202) 885-1427 /   /  American University / Mary Graydon Center 274 

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM