Clifford Young - Chair

"Hi! My name is Clifford Young and I am the Chair for AUCC. I am a senior, majoring in International Studies and double minoring in African American and African Diaspora Studies, and International Business! I am looking forward to meeting the student on campus and uplifting and supporting student organizations!"

You can contact Clifford at for all inquiries regarding AUCC policy and procedure, as well as funding decisions, and any other major concern.

Daniel Cohen - Finance Director

"Hi! My name is Daniel Cohen and I am the Finance Director for AUCC. I am a Sophmore majoring in Data Sciences for Political Science with a minor in Public Administration and Policy. I am excited to continue strengthening relationships with student leaders, supporting student organizations, and fostering community."

You can contact Daniel at for all inquiries regarding funding decisions and allocations. He is responsible for managing club allocations and AUCC finances.

Joyce Chen 


"Hello! My name is Joyce Chen, and I am a Club Consultant for AUCC. I am a senior majoring in Business Administration with a dual specialization in finance and information systems & technology from the great Big Apple. I am excited and looking forward to working with student leaders across AU and supporting your organization in the virtual environment!"

Suzanne Bagia

"Hi! My name is Suzanne Bagia and I am a club consultant for AUCC. I am a junior majoring in International Studies and Sociology. I'm a bi-coastal girl with Arizona and New York as my hometowns. I'm excited to get to know you all and the work that you do."

Carter Foust


"My name’s Carter, and I’m a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs. In addition to my role in AUCC, I hold a seat on the Student Government Judicial Board and am a member of the International Relations Society and Phi Alpha Delta. I’m originally from Madison, Wisconsin, and have been involved in state politics in volunteer and intern roles for the last few years. In my spare time, I like finding new places in DC with friends, advocating for other students, and, of course, going to Subway. I’m looking forward to helping AU’s student organizations grow and thrive this year!"


Imani McDonald 

"My name is Imani McDonald and I am Club Consultant for AUCC. I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring and Public Health. Outside of AUCC, I enjoy exploring DC and all the museums it has to offer. In this very unique school year, I look forward to working with clubs to organize programming that builds community in this new virtual world."


Bethlehem Sissay 

"Hello! My Name is Beth Sisay and I am a Club Consultant for AUCC. I am a senior majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems & Technology. I am excited to work with student organizations and assist with program planning during this virtual schooling experience!"


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