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Hannah Leeb - Chair

"Hi! My name is Hannah Leeb. I am a senior double majoring in Business & Entertainment and Journalism from the Jersey Shore area. As Chair, I am super excited to build relationships with student leaders who are passionate about their clubs!"

You can contact Hannah at for all inquiries regarding AUCC policy and procedure, as well as funding decisions, and any other major concern.

Emma Southern - Finance Director

"Hello! My name is Emma Southern (she/her). I am a junior from West Chester, PA, majoring in CLEG and minoring in History and Literature. As the AUCC Finance Chair, I’m very excited to work with my team and other groups on budgeting funds to best serve the AU community!"

You can contact Emma at for all inquiries regarding funding decisions and allocations. He is responsible for managing club allocations and AUCC finances.


Christiana Jemiri


"Hey! My name is Christiana Jemiri. I am a Club Consultant for AUCC. I am a current sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Sustainability, and I'm from Philly. I'm excited to support clubs and organizations on campus with any events or programming they would like to conduct!"

Clara Flanders

"Hi! My name is Clara Flanders. I am a CLEG major from Brooklyn, New York. I’m excited to work with club executives to make the application process easier and facilitate more club involvement in student life on campus!"

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Lynlee Derrick

"Hi! My name is Lynlee Derrick. I am majoring in International Studies, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am grateful to be working with AUCC to get more students involved in campus life and find the clubs that best suit them!"


Precious Aimufua

"Hi! My name is Precious Aimufua, and I am a Club Consultant for the AUCC. I am a sophomore majoring in Business, Language, and Culture Studies. Coming from New York, I am super excited to create a community amongst cultural clubs at AU. I look forward to getting to know you all!"



Fátima García González

"Aló! My name is Fátima García González, I am from Mexico City and I'll be AUCC's Outreach & Marketing Director this academic year. I am part of the class of 2024 majoring in Communications: Film and Media Arts & International Studies and the president of the newly formed Art Club at AU. I am also particularly excited to help all club leaders and club members turn their ideas into experiences enjoyed by our community."