AUCC Job Descriptions

PAID POSITIONS (no FWS required)

There are no job positions currently open 


      (a) Sets AUCC goals and objectives and facilitates operations. 
      (b) Create and facilitate a regular schedule of programming sponsored by the AUCC. 
      (c) Hold a minimum of 15 in-office hours per week. 
      (d) Provides oversight to the 8-member AUCC team and serves as overall administrator of the assigned AUCC office space.

      (e) Act as the spokesperson of the AUCC as well as attend meetings that involve AUCC.

      (f) Must have served on the executive board of a recognized student club or organization.

Finance Director

     (a) Primary financial director to the entire financial operations of AUCC.
     (b) Reviews and evaluates all club budget requests. 
     (c) Serves as liaison to the CSI Finance Team for clubs. 
     (d) Maintains accurate financial records for AUCC and ensures there is a balanced budget. 
     (e) Hold a minimum of 15 in-office hours per week. 
     (f) Complete all funds transfers for recognized organizations and manage all reconciliation and recall transactions for each allocation cycle. 

     (g) Assists the Chair to provide oversight to the Club Consultants.


Club Consultant 

Total of 6 Positions*
      (a) Serves as the primary AUCC contact for the clubs in their caucus. 
      (b) Reviews budget requests from all clubs in their caucus, and communicates any pressing issues or concerns. 
      (c) Provides customer service for AUCC, including assistance with office resources, information about funding, advice on event planning/marketing/outreach, and any other general concerns. 
      (d) Hold a minimum of 15 in-office hours per week 


All applicants for AUCC Staff positions must: 

Be a currently enrolled full-time student of American University 
Be in Good Academic Standing (GPA of 2.5+) with the University

Be able to commit to 15 hours of in-office support work for the full academic year

Contact us: (202) 885-1427 /   /  American University / Mary Graydon Center 274 

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM